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Our Projects

From brand awareness to fundraising, here is a sampling of the projects we've completed or are currently working on. 

The Montreal General Hospital Foundation's CODE LiFE Interviews

The first interview series was a key communications tool in the Montreal General Hospital Foundation's Code Life Campaign, which raised more than $110 million. 


For the second season, we’ve co-produced 12 episodes in 2 languages, featuring leaders in their field getting to the heart of innovation in healthcare. The interviews are available on all podcast platforms and on Youtube. 


Working closely with the foundation, we elaborated a concept and format together, researched episodes and conducted interviews, and delivered the packaged videos and podcasts along with edited social media cuts for the foundation's social media platforms. 


Fundraising/Brand Growth Campaign for Asista (ongoing)

Asista is a non-profit organization that provides therapy dogs for children with autism, veterans, individuals suffering from PTSD,  as well as in-school support for children and teens.

Asista has recently joined forces with Aura.  Together, we are working on a comprehensive marketing strategy that will help Asista reach a wider audience in order to expand its services.

Aura will also be overseeing a capital campaign with the end goal of raising funds to build a dedicated veterinary centre that will help Asista train more dogs and increase its impact in the community. 

Rebranding of TACC and CanNRT Autism Research Networks (underway)

Aura has led the branding for the new Canadian Neurodevelopmental Research Training Platform (CanNRT), as well as the rebranding and redesign of The Transforming Autism Care Consortium (TACC). Our primary focus is to humanize these vital autism research networks.

Through careful consultation and collaboration with CanNRT and TACC, our team developed a comprehensive strategy that highlighted the human element of the organizations' work.


We are currently designing CanNRT and TACC's websites, refreshing the image of research by implementing visually appealing designs, engaging content, and intuitive navigation.

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