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Annie DeMelt


With more than 2 decades in broadcast journalism and digital storytelling, Annie uses her skills to draw attention to important causes, by telling stories in a way that appeal to the senses so that they truly resonate with audiences. 


As a visual journalist, Annie delivered news by creating an experience for viewers. That meant combining the strongest interviews and visuals to create a compelling story.  When she left broadcasting, she realized the techniques she had been applying daily were just as essential in helping her clients create their narratives, position themselves, gain media attention, and accomplish their goals. 


Much of her recent work has focused on partnering with nonprofits and social enterprises to promote knowledge transfer, whether it be about personalized medicine, media literacy, or sustainable transportation. Knowledge transfer is a powerful tool in advancing social causes, and with the right storytelling techniques, it can help organizations create better communities. 


In addition to co-founding Aura, Annie DeMelt is also a part-time faculty member at Concordia University’s Department of Journalism, where she teaches visual journalism. Annie is a former anchor, producer and award-winning journalist who worked for CTV, TVA and Global. She is also a media literacy trainer for Journalists for Human Rights.

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